Have you been recovering after an injury, a surgery or a difficult baby birth, or your body has been weakened by a long-lasting disease? Uplift yourself into your active life again! Vitalclinic´s specialist team under the supervision of the rehabilitation doctor - Emília Luknárová, M.D., is here to help you get well thanks to our top quality rehabilitation and overall body regeneration.

We endeavor not only to eliminate pain, but we simultaneously also seek for various root causes of its occurence. This holistic therapeutic approach is intrinsinc to our work with patients, for it was in this spirit that Emília Luknárová, M.D., founded already in 1996 – Vitalcentrum, the centre for a healthy lifestyle.


Vitalcentrum, as one of the first private health facilities in Slovakia, has hitherto been offering high quality medical, relaxation, regeneration, and educational activities and services. In 2012, especially thanks to the efforts and the enthusiasm of Emília Luknárová, M.D., Vitalcentrum moved to new and larger premises on Cintorinska 9, in the centre of Bratislava. The new premises offer special parts, on the one hand, for doing sports for our more active clients; and on the other hand, for rehabilitation, i.e. for our Vitalclinic. The clinic specializes in preventive and traumatogenic (after injury) physiotherapy with the objective to improve the state of your muscular systems, to eliminate pain or to completely prevent its beginning.

We also work in close cooperation with a German rehabilitiation centre Physiotherapie Graf in Fellbach. 

Our priority is to provide our clients with a maximum comfort, an individual and empathic approach as well as with a flexible appointment scheduling. Besides muscular rehabilitation and physiotherapy we offer different types of physical therapy such as the state-of-the-art pulse magnetotherapy. As a complement to the rehabilitation care provided to clients we also offer kinesiotaping and last, but not least diverse types of therapeutic massages.

We wish you to get well soon and we are looking forward to your visit.


where and how to start? Come for an entry check-up with our physioterapeutist who will assess the overall state of your muscular system and will recommend further follow-up activities.


we will teach you how to avoid muscular system problems such as frequent back or neck pain, related headaches or joint pain.  


aimed at enhancing the extent of motor skills as well as at regaining muscular force and lost good shape after an injury or a surgery.


ideal either before or after a demanding physical performance as well as after a difficult mental strain. The best thing is to experience the beneficial effect of massage on your own. Your mind will smoth down and your body will cosily relax.


the goal of our group compensatory exercises is to eliminate problems of muscular system – the exercises help in particular with back or joint pain. Our SM System exercises additionally combine rehabilitation therapy with prevention.